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VERY CHERRY VODKA JELLO SHOTS - Cherry Vodka, Cherry Jello, Maraschino Cherry

Very Cherry Vodka Jello Shots

These are the most cherry jello shots you will ever have! They taste thick with cherry, almost like a cherry cough drop, but with booze! Highly recommend you give these a shot! Be sure to get decent cherry flavored vodka—a bad vodka can really make any jello shot, or drink for that matter, taste bad! Svedka is my cheap go to vodka.. better than Smirnoff by a long shot. Be sure to get some multicolored sugar sprinkles to pour on these things for extra flair, and they add a nice sweet little crunch.

By Jay

ORANGE CRUSH JELLO SHOTS - Orange Vodka, Orange Crush Jello

Orange Crush Jello Shots

If you love orange.. this is the orangiest shot you will likely ever have in your lifetime. There is so much vitamin C in this shot, doctors are beginning to prescribe it.. OK, that's probably not even remotely true, but it's fun to think about! Anyways, the Orange Crush jello is amazing—if you can find it! The combination of orange vodka and orange crush jello is really quite amazing. Sugar rimmed shot cups really add a nice touch of detail as well! Enjoy responsibly!

By Jay

LEMON DROP JELLO SHOTS - Lemon or Citron Vodka, Lemon Jello

Sliced Lemon Drop Jello Shots

This is the real deal.. SLICED LEMON DROP JELLO SHOTS! The lemon flavored or citron vodka is the key to success here, it really amps up the lemon flavor, in order to create a true lemony lemon drop shot! If you leave a little bit of the lemon flesh in the bottom of the shot, you'll also get a nice tart/super lemony flavor to compliment the sweetness of the jello. Enjoy responsibly!

By Jay

LEMON DROP JELLO SHOTS - Lemon or Citron Vodka, Lemon Jello

Lemon Drop Jello Shots

Lemon jello, plus lemon citron vodka equals AWESOME. These are better than real lemon drop shots. These things are addictive, so watch out! Make sure you use lemon flavored vodka, or you will be missing out on what I am laying down here!

By Jay

ORANGE SLICE JELLO SHOTS - Real Oranges, Vodka, Orange Jello

Orange Slice Jello Shots

These jello shots use bits of real orange, so you know it's good! Real oranges, jello, and vodka.. QUITE THE COMBO! The best tip I can offer is to leave a bit of the orange flesh, and don't remove it all.. when you do/eat the shot, you will get a bit of the real juicy orange flesh, which really pumps up the volume on the ORANGE flavor. Definitely a party favorite right here!

By Jay

STRAWBERRY CRUSH JELLO SHOTS - Real Strawberries, Vodka, Strawberry Jello, Colored Sugar Crystals

Strawberry Crush Jello Shots

Strawberry Crush pop is the best strawberry pop. It's so freaking sweet.. but sooo good. This combination of real strawberries, strawberry crush jello, and vodka, is so AWESOME! Trust me, these jello shots are a true treat. They will go QUICK. Just make sure to use fresh strawberries, and hollow them out as best you can.. make enough room, but don't cut too deep or your precious sweet nectar might spill out! Enjoy responsibly!

By Jay

GRAPE CREAMSICLE JELLO SHOTS - Vodka, Grape Jello, Whipped Cream

Grape Creamsicle Jello Shots

Cream and jello go really well together. Grape Creamsicles are more rare than orange ones, but I swear they are just as good, if not arguably better! So it's a perfect marriage for a jello shot! It's a pretty simple recipe.. you take a grape jello shot and cover it in whipped cream. BAM! It's a shot made in heaven.. it's so easy.. yet so pleasy!

By Jay

FISHBOWL JELLO SHOTS - Blue Curacao, Vodka, Swedish Fish, Berry Blue Jello

Fishbowl Jello Shots

Why make normal jello shots, when you can make shots that wow.. shots that are memorable for your guests.. LET'S MAKE JELLO SHOTS FUN AGAIN! Seriously folks! These shots are a great add to your party arsenal. These almost look like something you would have at a kids party! Gummy fish and jello... but then Mr Satan starts knocking on your door and oopps.. some vodka and blue curacao fell into the jello mix! Damn.. guess we havin' a party now! These are actually pretty good, and add a lot of color and pizazz to your party offerings.

By Jay

TEQUILA LIME JELLO SHOTS - Lime Jello, Tequila, salt, lime

Tequila Lime Jello Shots

Tequila is not something you normally think of when someone says, "JELLO SHOTS!".. but yes.. we're making it happen. TEQUILA LIME JELLO SHOTS, are actually pretty good! It's a good change from boring old vodka jello shots. The recipe is pretty much exactly the same except we're obviously using Tequila instead of vodka here. And we're finishing off each shot with a sprink of salt, and a small wedge of lime placed on top of each shot. To take the shot, grab the lime wedge and squeeze it over the shot so the lime juice drips all over. Then squeeze the shot into your mouth! Bam! The tequila and the lime jello actually pair nicely with the lime juice and the salt kind of ties it all together. Enjoy these responsibly kids!

By Jay

Jay's Orange Creamsicle Jello Shots

Orange Creamsicle Jello Shots

Creamy and Orangy.. these Orange Creamsicle Jello Shots are a great mix of tangy and tart orange flavored jello combined with the silky smooth and creamy texture of the whipped cream. Yes, it's a heavenly match. But wait, there's more!!! Add some booze, and you've got a true delightful party favor! The orange creamsicle side of things will bring you back to your childhood, when you would visit your grandparents, and they ALWAYS HAD creamsicle pops on hand.. one a day.. all summer long. Then on the other hand you have the BOOZE! It takes you straight from your childhood into the young adult years.. GOOD TIMES! Anyways.. I'm sure if these delicious creamsicle jello shots don't bring back memories.. they're sure to create new ones! Enjoy Responsibly!

By Jay

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