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HOMEMADE ITALIAN MEATBALL RECIPE - Make these with our Marinara!

Classic Italian Meatball Recipe

If you've never had homemade Italian meatballs, then NOW is the time to try making them! It's so easy to do, and they are so delicious! Be sure to make these along with a homemade batch of Classic Italian Marinara Sauce. It's the best of both worlds, and you'll save time cooking in bulk, so you can freeze and consume later at your leisure! The marinara recipe was passed down through at least 4 generations of Italians, so you know it's good! Be sure to check out our Homemade Italian Marinara Sauce Recipe - it's a great combination!

By Jay

Chicago Style Italian Beef Sandwiches

Homemade Italian Beef Sandwiches

A Chicago staple, the Italian beef sandwich combines tender roasted meat with a savory au jus.

By Stella and Daniel Antic

Slow Cooker Chicken Stock and Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

Slow Cooker Chicken Stock and Chicken Noodle Soup

Here, sweet and juicy fruit pairs with a delicate crust to make this quick and easy peach cobbler a delicious treat.

By Stella and Daniel Antic

Turon Filipino Banana Egg Rolls Recipe

Turon (Filipino Banana Egg Rolls)

As a mestiza Filipina (that means half Filipina, which I am on my mom's side), I find myself being more and more intrigued by the native cuisine as I get older. I love going to Asian markets to peruse the different products! The other day, I saw these cute baby bananas and thought they would make excellent turon, or Filipino banana egg rolls. While regular bananas or plantains are usually used with brown sugar and jackfruit, these little bananas were the perfect size for the wonton wrappers. We also decided to go a little crazy with the fillings, so we did a few with plain brown sugar, some with peanut butter and jelly, and some with peanut butter and chocolate. So good! These sweet bananas and other fillings get a crunchy wrapper for a delicious spin on the traditional Filipino snack.

By Stella and Daniel Antic

Short Rib Goulash Recipe

Short Rib Goulash

When the weather is cold, is there anything better than the beefy flavor of short ribs nestled in a savory sauce?

By Stella and Daniel Antic

Maple Mustard Chicken Recipe

Maple Mustard Chicken

Need an easy but delicious dinner? Here, sweet maple syrup and tangy mustard give chicken thighs a tasty kick.

By Stella and Daniel Antic

Slow Cooker Barbacoa Recipe

Slow Cooker Barbacoa

Low and slow cooking renders a beef chuck shoulder roast super tender. Add in the rich flavors of chipotle, garlic, and cumin, and you have a delicious and easy dish that's perfect in tacos or on a bed of rice.

By Stella and Daniel Antic

Skirt Steak Chili Recipe

Thick & Hearty Skirt Steak Chili

I LOVE chili, it's the perfect winter time comfort food! Chili with quality steak that's cooked perfectly is what I'm all about. If you've never tried skirt steak, you're missing out! Some people call it flank steak chili, or hanger steak chili. It might not look as pretty as a NY Strip, but it's EVERY SINGLE BIT (if not more) delicious. Skirt steak is also inexpensive, so you really have nothing to lose by giving this awesome chili a chance! Be sure to cook the steak correctly, you don't want tough chewy steak.. you want soft, succulent morsels of tender steaky goodness.

By Jay

Homemade Applewood Smoked Salmon Recipe

Applewood Smoked Salmon

I am a fan of bagels and lox. There's something about the salty, silky salmon combining with creamy cream cheese, chewy bagels, and briny capers that makes for a perfect light meal. Now that Dan and I are getting serious about meat smoking, we decided to try our hand at smoking our own salmon. I had a lovely salmon fillet just waiting for some time in an applewood sauna. We had ours on bagels with cream cheese and Roma tomato, but this would be great as a party appetizer too: simply place on a tray with crackers and cream cheese and allow your guests to mingle around it. If you don't have a full smoker, this would work well in an oven with a wood chip smoker box inside -- just set the oven to 225F and allow to smoke/roast.

By Harle

Deep Fried Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

Deep Fried Thanksgiving Turkey

This is by far one of the two best ways to cook a turkey, IMHO. Smoked Turkey, and Deep Fried turkey are the two best methods. If you're afraid to try this, DON'T BE! Just learn the rules, be careful, and enjoy a fabulously juicy bird for your Thanksgiving Feast! Please be sure to see the Tips & Tricks and References sections below for helpful information.

By Jay

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