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Brown Sugar Sweet Heart Bacon

Sweet Heart Bacon

One of the great joys of food is that you can use it to show someone you care about them, mostly figuratively, but sometimes also literally. Here, I shaped thick-cut bacon into cute little hearts and sprinkled them with sweet brown sugar for a fun addition to today’s Valentine’s Day breakfast. Hope you had a great day, honey!

  By Stella and Daniel Antic

Campfire Cuisine with Friends

Campfire Cuisine with Friends

Our friends Eric and Jennifer invited us to go camping with them and their kiddos this weekend. Now, I hadn’t been camping since undergrad, but I’m all for fun, fellowship, and food. Although we were only there overnight, we sure did eat enough for a week. Everything was cooked on site, with the help of a lot of cast iron cookware. Overall, a great way to spend some time with friends.

  By Cookbook Community

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