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Brown Sugar Sweet Heart Bacon

Sweet Heart Bacon

One of the great joys of food is that you can use it to show someone you care about them, mostly figuratively, but sometimes also literally. Here, I shaped thick-cut bacon into cute little hearts and sprinkled them with sweet brown sugar for a fun addition to today’s Valentine’s Day breakfast. Hope you had a great day, honey!

  By Stella and Daniel Antic

Thanksgiving Eggnog Cupcake Recipe

Thanksgiving Eggnog Cupcakes

Every year, our friends Jen and Eric host the most epic white elephant holiday party. We’ve had the (mis)fortune of receiving several of the rotating “legacy” gifts over the years, most recently a large relief carving of a ram’s head. Anyway, this year they requested that we bring a dessert, and we were only too happy to oblige. These cupcakes have the warm flavor of eggnog throughout the cake and the frosting, and a rum-flavored filling just ups the festivity quotient.

  By Cookbook Community

Patriotic Cupcakes Recipe 25

Patriotic Cupcakes w/Buttercream Frosting

Sometimes, one just has to bestow sugar upon others. Since the university is closed for Independence Day, I figured we could celebrate a bit early. How about some red, white, and blue cupcakes crowned with luscious buttercream frosting?

  By Cookbook Community

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