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TEQUILA LIME JELLO SHOTS - Lime Jello, Tequila, salt, lime

Tequila Lime Jello Shots

Tequila is not something you normally think of when someone says, "JELLO SHOTS!".. but yes.. we're making it happen. And guess what??


It's a good change from boring old vodka jello shots. The recipe is pretty much exactly the same except we're obviously using Tequila instead of vodka here. And we're finishing off each shot with a sprink of salt, and a small wedge of lime placed on top of each shot. To take the shot, grab the lime wedge and squeeze it over the shot so the lime juice drips all over. Then squeeze the shot into your mouth! Bam! The tequila and the lime jello actually pair nicely with the lime juice and the salt kind of ties it all together. Enjoy these responsibly kids!

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  By Jay

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