ORANGE CRUSH JELLO SHOTS - Orange Vodka, Orange Crush Jello
ORANGE CRUSH JELLO SHOTS - Orange Vodka, Orange Crush Jello

Orange Crush Jello Shots

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March 18, 2017

If you love orange.. this is the orangiest shot you will likely ever have in your lifetime. There is so much vitamin C in this shot, doctors are beginning to prescribe it.. OK, that's probably not even remotely true, but it's fun to think about! Anyways, the Orange Crush jello is amazing—if you can find it! The combination of orange vodka and orange crush jello is really quite amazing. Sugar rimmed shot cups really add a nice touch of detail as well! Enjoy responsibly!


1 cup boiling water

1 cup ice cold orange or clementine vodka

3 oz. Orange or Orange Crush Jello (1 box)

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1Gather the ingredients together.

2Bring the water to a boil. Use an electric kettle—they boil fast! We've had this "Brentwood" model for 6 years now, and it's still going strong.

Electric Kettle

3Into a mixing bowl, add the contents of 1 box of lemon Jello to the boiling water, and continue stirring until all Jello is dissolved, which will take about 1 minute. Then turn the heat off. Pour in one cup of ice cold vodka and stir for 1 more minute.

Mixing Bowls

4Carefully pour the mixture into the shot cups, and set in the fridge to cool and set for 2 hours! Be careful not to spill! If you want to be really safe about it, check out the "Jellinator", and you'll pour more accurately and have less spills!

The Jellinator

5Next, it's time to sugar rim your jello shots! You can get colored sugar from any grocery store baking section, or from Amazon. Here is a pretty sweet multipack of colored sugars from Amazon.

Sugar Rimmed Shot Cups

6Enjoy responsibly!

Row Of Orange Crush Jello Shots

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ORANGE CRUSH JELLO SHOTS - Orange Vodka, Orange Crush Jello

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