Deep Fried Thanksgiving Turkey

This is by far one of the two best ways to cook a turkey, IMHO. Smoked Turkey, and Deep Fried turkey are the two best methods. If you’re afraid to try this, DON’T BE! Just learn the rules, be careful, and enjoy a fabulously juicy bird for your Thanksgiving Feast! Please be sure to see the Tips & Tricks and References sections below for helpful information.

Prep Time 10 M
Cook Time 35 M
Recipe Yield 1 Delicious Juicy Turkey

Helpful Tools & Things:

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  1. VERY IMPORTANT: Be sure to COMPLETELY THAW your turkey BEFORE dropping it into the hot oil!

  2. Be sure to remove the giblets from the bird, you do not want to deep fry those inside the bird.

  3. Be sure EXACTLY how much oil is needed BEFORE you get started. To do this, place the turkey in a bag/or keep it within it’s original wrapper. Place it within the deep fryer pot, and fill the pot with water. When the water line reaches about 3-5 inches below the rim of the pot STOP. Remove the turkey, make sure it is dry and doesn’t have water on it. After the turkey is removed from the pot, mark a line or make note of where the water line is at that point. THIS is the point that you want to fill your pot up with oil. Pour out the water, dry the pot, YOU DON’T WANT WATER MIXING WITH THE OIL OR THE WATER WILL TURN INTO STEAM AND EXPLODE. After the pot is dry, fill it to the previously mentioned marked spot, and now you ready to heat up the oil.

  4. The oil should reach 375° F before inserting the turkey.

  5. While the oil is heating up, be sure to run your bird down with any desired seasonings. Salt and Pepper are a must, anything else is a bonus!

  6. Place the bird onto the deep fryer wire rack, which you will use to lower the bird into the fryer with.

  7. When the oil has reached 375° F, reduce the heat to about half, and gently lower the turkey into the fryer. Lowering the heat at this stage helps to avoid boil-over. After the bird is lowered, raise the heat back up to full power!

  8. A general rule of thumb is to fry the turkey for 4-5 minutes per pound of meat. The turkey is done when the dark meat has reached an internal temp. of 175° F, and the white meat has reached an internal temp. of 165° F.

  9. When these temperatures are reached, turn OFF the burner and slowly, SLOWLY, raise the turkey out of the pot and place onto a pan with paper towels, or a rack to let drain. Let the turkey sit for 20 minutes before carving.



  • Be sure to read the guidelines on deep frying turkey, BEFORE YOU START DOWN THIS PATH!

  • Use Peanut Oil! Not Vegetable Oil!

  • NEVER DEEP FRY A FROZEN TURKEY! See what happens >

  • Brined Turkeys are the way to go, so much more flavor!





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