Toasted Cheese Egg Breakfast Sandwich

What makes a great breakfast? Well how about eggs, bacon, cheese, onions, butter, salt, pepper.. yeah, obviously kids, these are the staples of any solid breakfast! This breakfast sandwich is also easy to make! Crispy cheese lends for a very nice layer of savory flavor! It’s also very pretty, and it’s fun to eat pretty things, especially when they taste delicious. Pretty and delicious. Yes.. Let’s do this!

Prep Time 5 M
Cook Time 10 M
Recipe Yield 1 breakfast sandwich

Helpful Tools & Things:

The Breville toaster oven is what we use.. it's AMAZING

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  1. This is pretty easy.. first thing to do is butter the bread on the bottom, and put the cheese on top. Place it in a toaster oven on toast or in an oven just below the broiler, with the broiler on low. The purpose here is to toast the cheese! I personally think when you crisp up the cheese, it changes the flavor and it tends to become a bit more savory! It might take some practice trying to toast the cheese without burning it.

    I toasted that cheese with Our mighty little Breville oven, which hands down the best at toasting bread and cheese..and yeah, the best grilled cheese, is actually toasted in a little oven like this. For grilled cheese, I make them open-faced.. and get them bubbly like shown in the photo gallery. This.. it’s easier and better than using a pan fry method!

  2. Cook the two slices of bacon however you please. Whatever method  you prefer but I recommend to get it a little crispy, just don’t let it be weak, you don’t want limp bacon on this thing. Think BLT.

  3. Cook the two eggs. I prefer sunny side up, there’s nothing like the golden delicious ooze of a runny yolk!

  4. Sautee the onions, and caramelize them a bit. Take your time, build that flavor…

  5. Now it’s time to finish the build! Layer the bacon on the toasted cheese bread, then layer the eggs over that, followed by the caramelized onions, salt, pepper, hot sauce, and bam, you have an amazing sandwich!!

  6. Egg sandwich with runny yolk

    Just look at that golden ooze!


  • Jazz it up with some hot sauce!





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