Hickory Smoked Pork Butt

When we bought our new smoker, we knew we needed to christen it by smoking a big ol’ pork butt. We let it soak up the savory goodness of the dry rub overnight, then pampered it in its hickory smoke spa for several hours. The pork emerged completely tender, succulent, and — dare we say it? — relaxed, as if its time in the smoke spa did its trick.

Prep Time 30 M
Cook Time 8 H
Recipe Yield 12 Servings
Categories: Dinner BBQ Smoked Beef



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    1. The night before you plan to smoke the pork, season it with salt, pepper, and the dry rub, making sure to rub it into the meat thoroughly. Cover and refrigerate overnight.
    2. Preheat smoker to 225F using your favorite combination of charcoal and wood, following your smoker’s instructions. (We used hickory.) If you are not using a smoker, set up a regular grill for indirect heat using a wood chip smoker box, or use your oven and a wood chip smoker box.
    3. 30 – 60 minutes before putting the pork in the smoker, remove it from the refrigerator to bring it closer to room temperature. Once the chill has disappeared, place the pork into the smoker.
    4. When the pork is 190F, snuff out the charcoal and wood. Allow to rest inside the closed smoker for 60 minutes to allow the juices to redistribute into the meat. When it has rested, place the pork into a large bowl and shred into small pieces using your hands (it will be hot!) or a pair of forks.
    5. Serve with your favorite barbecue sauce.


    • Allow 2 hours per pound of meat, or until a meat thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the pork registers 190F. (Ours took about 6 hours and 15 minutes.)


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