Hydrangea Cupcakes

Today, my co-workers hosted a bridal shower for one of the gals in the office. One of the ladies planning the party asked me to bake cupcakes for the shindig, and I was pleased to oblige. The shower was to be a garden theme, so we decided I should make these hydrangea cupcakes that I saw on Pinterest. I whipped up a batch of cannoli cupcakes with cinnamon buttercream and Nutella, then went to town on the two-tone frosting technique. The end result was absolutely gorgeous, delicious, and perfect for celebrating a special day.

Prep Time 45 M
Cook Time 15 M
Recipe Yield 24 cupcakes

Recipe by Stella and Daniel Antic

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  1. Divide the buttercream frosting in half, separating into two bowls. Using a toothpick, add a small amount of the first color to the first bowl and stir well to incorporate. Add small amounts and stir until the desired color is reached. Repeat the process with the second bowl and color.
  2. Assemble the piping bag with the tip and coupler. Scoop the two colors of frosting into the piping bag side by side. Squeeze some of the frosting onto a plate (or in your mouth) until both colors come out. Pipe large flowers around the edge of a cupcake, then fill in the center.

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