Iron Skillet Pizza

My Grandma Leona’s cast iron skillet has a permanent place of honor on my stovetop. The markings on the bottom are too worn to make out the manufacturer or the year, and you can just barely see the “Made in the USA” stamp, but it is likely from the late 1920s-early 1930s. I love having this bit of family history in my kitchen, not just because it’s an heirloom, but because it is so versatile, even 80-ish years later. I got the idea to make pizza in it from one of my students not too long ago, and it turned out just great. We did a Hawaiian pizza with Canadian bacon and pineapple, but feel free to use whatever toppings you like.

Prep Time 15 M
Cook Time 20 M
Recipe Yield 4 servings
Categories: Dinner Main Dish Pizza

Recipe by Stella and Daniel Antic

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