Leftover Remix: Corned Beef Hash with Eggs Over Easy

I really am a meat and potatoes kind of girl. I was in search of something to do with the leftover corned beef I made the other day, and I was inspired by the delicious dish I had at Hash House A Go Go in Las Vegas a while back. In this version, I used fingerling potatoes and gave them a quick zap in the microwave before making them nice and crispy in the pan. To save time, you could substitute frozen diced potatoes. Dan had the genius idea of putting fried eggs on top for an extra shot of flavor. The beauty of this lies in its flexibility — use whatever meat you have, throw in some onions and peppers, and be creative.

Prep Time 1 M
Cook Time 10 M
Recipe Yield 4 servings
Categories: Leftover Remix



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    1. Spray a microwave-safe baking dish with nonstick cooking spray. Place the potatoes in the dish and dot with 1 tbsp of the butter. Season with salt and pepper.
    2. In a microwave, cook for 4-6 minutes on high power until the potatoes are tender, stirring about halfway through the cooking time. Set aside.
    3. In a heavy skillet, melt the remaining 1 tbsp of butter. Add the onion and cook until it begins to soften, about 2-3 minutes. Add the corned beef and the potatoes and stir to combine, then leave alone for 2-3 minutes to allow the potatoes and the corned beef to get crispy on one side.
    4. Stir again, add the cheese, and let cook for another 2-3 minutes. Remove the hash to serving plates.
    5. In the same skillet, crack in the eggs and season with salt and pepper. Allow to cook for 1-2 minutes, then flip over and allow to cook for 1 more minute.
    6. Serve on top of the hash.


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