Poor Man's Pizza

Also known as the “Lazy Man’s Pizza”, this little trick can help bridge the gap to Pizza Flavortown when you’re short on time, or short on dime! Plus, these tasty little pizza treats are a huge time saver as well as being light on the wallet.

Prep Time 10 M
Cook Time 15 M
Recipe Yield 1 Baby Pizza
Categories: Pizza
Cuisine: Italian

Recipe by Jay

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You also might want to get a real pizza oven.. if you're serious about Pizza..
- Jay


  1. Take your pita/tortilla and cover it with a layer of your pizza sauce.
  2. Drop on the mozzarella cheese.
  3. Add some fresh basil. You could also add this after cooking, for a stronger basil flavor.
  4. Slice some fresh grape tomatoes in half and space them out on the pizza.
  5. Drizzle some olive oil, and place it into a 350 degree toaster over.
  6. Check it in 10 minutes, and cook until your desired crispness is reached.
  7. Savor the flavor, and the savings!


  • You can make these little pizzas with just about anything you’ve got lying around! Here are the general ingredients: Pita Bread or Flour Tortillas, Your favorite cheese(s), Pizza Sauce/Marinara, Veggies, Meat, Olive Oil, and Herbs. Get creative with it! Put your whole soul into that pizza and then EAT IT UP.

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