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Great recipes are like treasures that should not be forgotten! Don’t let your sweet gramma’s world famous cookie recipe fall to the waysides of history! Share that recipe with the world!

Even if you have no famous family recipes.. you still have an unlimited amount of other recipes and resources available to influence you and your own recipes and styles of cooking. It’s important to feel free to recall and understand what drove you to make a certain dish.. and then it’s equally important to share what inspired your decisions with that recipe. 

It’s important never to steal or plagiarize anyone else’s material. It is true that a recipe’s list of ingredients is not able to be copyrighted, and therefore you theoretically might be able to get away with copying verbatim a list of ingredients, and sometimes with recipes, there will be very little possible variation in how the ingredients are listed out anyways..  more importantly are the Directions for the recipe. 

The recipe Directions are always going to fall under a copyright, and you should NEVER copy anyone’s words or directions for legal reasons.

Then again, not all recipes come from your family.. most people will obviously take bits and pieces of their favorite recipes and glom them  

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