Bacon Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich #1

Sharp cheddar is the bomb on this sandwich.

Feel free to experiment with different jams, or no jam at all! I think I’m going to try orange marmalade next time I make this.

Feel free to add whatever seasonings you like! I use salt, pepper, and turmeric. Turmeric is extremely healthy and is one of the staples of my diet, so I try to fit it in to any meal that I can. If you don’t know about Turmeric, I HIGHLY suggest you find out. It could be one of the best spices you ever added to your diet, if not for the flavor, for your future health! You need only do a quick Google search to see the many health benefits of this amazing spice, Turmeric!

Prep Time 5 M
Cook Time 12 M
Recipe Yield 1 Breakfast Sandwich`

Helpful Tools & Things:

A good toaster oven is key to creating crispy kitchen delights.

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  1. Thinly slice the onion and set aside while you warm up your pan or griddle.

  2. Once the griddle/pan is hot and beginning to smoke, add a tiny bit of butter or a spritz of any healthy cooking oil such as coconut oil. I use a spray can of coconut oil from Trader Joes. Once the oil has a minute or so to heat up, add your onion slices. As my photos show, I am using a griddle, which allows me to cook everything on one surface. As an added bonus, the bacon fat will mix in with the onion and egg! Remember, bacon fat is natural fat and is NOT to be feared.

  3. Next, if you’re using a griddle, add the bacon.

  4. After a minute or two, crack your egg sunny side up! If your good, you’ll crack that egg over some of of the bacon fat! YUM.

  5. While everything is cooking on the griddle, toast that bread! When the bread is done toasting, smear some butter and some jam on it.

  6. When the stuff on the griddle is getting close to being done, slap your two pieces of cheese on the grill, and TOAST THAT CHEESE!

  7. When the egg, bacon, and onion is cooked to your liking, begin to layer up your sandwich. The layers of my sandwich go like this: Bread, Butter, Jam, Onions, Bacon, Egg, Cheese, Spices.

  8. Enjoy!





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