How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

Do you love COLD BREW COFFEE? It’s so easy to make! Cold brew is exceptionally smooth and almost sweet and non-acidic. I’m sure there’s a very good scientific reason for all of this, but that’s not what this page is about. OK, let’s make some COLD BREW!

Prep Time 15 M
Cook Time 12 H
Recipe Yield 1 Gallon of Cold Brewed Coffee

Helpful Tools & Things:

You'll need these things to make high quality cold brew coffee!

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Recipe Index:

This recipe contains several sub-recipes:

  1. Cold Brew Coffee
  2. Simple Syrup
Sub Recipe #1

Cold Brew Coffee

INGREDIENTS for Cold Brew Coffee:

DIRECTIONS for Cold Brew Coffee:

  1. Find some good fresh coffee beans! I recommend these highly rated yet relatively inexpensive organic beans.

  2. Pour those lovely grounds into a plastic mesh bag. This bag is so easy to use, and is reusable. I highly recommend. I got this mesh bag on Amazon.

  3. Sinch the bag shut, and place into a gallon jar of some sort. I found this pretty decent jar that comes with a spigot on Amazon.

  4. Now fill that jar with some high quality H20! No, seriously.. I recommend purified water. Reverse osmosis purified if possible. The better tasting your water is, the better your cold brew coffee will be, trust me. I have a home water purifier that works perfectly, and it was cheap and easy to install! This is the same reverse osmosis unit that I have owned for the past 7 years, highly recommended, also found on Amazon.

  5. Let the coffee brew/steep for 18-24 hours, in or out of the fridge, it doesn’t really matter at this point. The longer it steeps, the stronger the taste! Keep it in your fridge if you want it cold! I suggest drinking it with a little simple syrup and ice! Enjoy!

Sub Recipe #2

Simple Syrup

If you want to sweeten your cold brew, using sugar won't work too well as it won't dissolve well in the cold drink. Simple syrup to the rescue!

INGREDIENTS for Simple Syrup:

DIRECTIONS for Simple Syrup:

  1. Start with HOT water, boiling hot or just below boiling is fine. Feel free to play this part by ear.. the goal is to dissolve as much sugar as you think you’ll need in your coffee, being careful to use as little water as possible, so as to not over dilute your beverage. Just start slowly pouring in sugar into a bowl or cup of hot water, and stir. Continue stirring and slowly pouring in the sugar, giving it time to dissolve before you pour too much in at one time.

  2. Once the sugar is dissolved, you now have a solution of Simple Syrup! Proceed to add the simple syrup to your coffee and stir. Enjoy!





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