Orange Carrot Juice

Freshly made juice is one of the best possible foods for your body! Fresh juice contains the living nutrients of the plant. Carrot and Orange juice are the perfect combination for breakfast, or a quick mid-day juice snack!

Prep Time 5 M
Cook Time 0 M
Recipe Yield 2 Glasses of Juice

Helpful Tools & Things:

These are all good juicers!

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  1. The amount of ingredients you use will depend on how much juice you want to make. Generally, for one medium sized glass of juice, I use one bunch of carrots (5 – 6) and 3 oranges. Oh and btw… do yourself a big flavor favor and use either organic carrots or carrots with the greens still attached. Don’t even bother peeling the carrots, just get em in the juicer.

  2. I use an Omega J8006 Commericial Masticating Juicer which squeezes just about every last drop of goodness out of the fruits and veggies!

  3. Feed the carrots and then the oranges into the juicer. Take the juice and blend together with some ice to chill. Pour yourself a tall glass and drink to good health!





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