Skittles Flavored Vodka

Learn how to make Skittles Vodka! It’s so easy, and tastes just like Skittles! Use it as you would any flavored vodka! Skittles Martinis are the bomb!

Prep Time 30 M
Cook Time 0 M
Recipe Yield 5 small bottles of Skittles flavored vodka

Recipe by Jello Shot King

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  1. Skittles separated by color
    Separate all five colors of skittles, or just the color you're planning to use.
  2. jars full of skittles
    Add the Skittles to some sort of bottle or container. Make sure to fill your bottles at least half full of Skittles, to get maximum flavor.
  3. Vodka filled jars of skittles
    Fill the bottles up with any Vodka of your choice. I recommend going with something that's not cheap. Something like Svedka or Tito's Vodka will be fine.
  4. skittles infused vodka
    Wait no more than 20-30 minutes and you will see that most, if not all, of the color has come off of the Skittles. Don't wait too much longer past this point, or the candy will deteriorate further and start to thicken the vodka, in a gross way.. trust me.
  5. straining the liquid
    Now we need to separate the remaining candy pieces from the Skittle Infused Vodka! Gather a strainer and a container to catch the filtered liquid.
  6. Clean out the bottle and pour your delicious newly flavored Vodka back into the jar. Enjoy responsibly!
  7. Taste the rainbow
    Now you can do more than just "Taste the Rainbow", you can drink it too!
  8. Tastes just like Skittles!
  9. Skittles Flavored Vodkas

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